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Caring for and Cleaning Your Bling

Caring for and Cleaning Your Bling


A simple bath of warm soapy water should clean most dirt and oils off your jewels. Use mild dish detergent and a soft, baby toothbrush or lint free cloth. We recommend using a small bowl to clean your jewelry rather than the sink. A loose stone or whole earring can easily go down the drain if your not careful!

Let's talk about tarnish.
Tarnish is oxidation of the metal, caused by exposure to air. It's hard to avoid entirely, but easy to take care of. A silver polishing cloth can work wonders on your sterling silver pieces that are lightly tarnished. If you have a heavily tarnished item, you can try a bath of water and baking soda or step it up a notch with baking soda and vinegar followed by a rinse and dry with a lint-free cloth.
You can prevent tarnish by avoiding contact with perfumes and lotions, taking off your jewelry before a shower or a swim, and storing your sterling in small plastic bags or with anti-tarnish paper.
Some silver pieces are intentionally oxidized to enhance etching or stamped designs. Many of our Tibetan Silver pieces have this feature. Be careful not to over-polish these items as you will lose the beautiful design-enhancing effect.


Steer clear of harsh chemical cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners. Chemical cleaners can do a number on the surface of your natural stones and pearls and cause discoloration to metals or cause plating to wear away. This includes chemicals from household cleaners, so remove your jewels before doing your chores if you're using bleach or ammonia!  However, we do recommend dripping in pearls while completing tasks like dusting and vacuuming. Keep small jewelry dishes or ring holders in strategic places like next to the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Even perfumes from your skin or scented hand soaps can be damaging to those jewels.

Something you may have never thought about. Jewelry is sensitive to light. Natural


 gemstones and pearls can bleach or discolor in extreme light. You should also avoid extreme heat. Just like wood and other natural materials, pearl pieces can actually dry out and crack. Keep in mind, these are pretty intense conditions I'm describing. Don't worry about your pearls discoloring during a walk on a sunny day, but try not to forget that ring on the kitchen sill that you put there a week ago when you were doing dishes. I mean, I've never done something like that.

Don't be a hero. When in doubt, let the professionals handle it. If you're not sure how to clean a piece, especially if it's vintage or holds sentimental value, don't be afraid to take it to a jeweler. At Peace + Love + Bling we're happy to polish up any pieces you've purchased and make recommendations for the care of your jewelry.

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