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“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
— Martin Luther King Jr.

Well, here it is, my first step. I'm initiating this blog to share the purpose of my passion project and my journey of self transformation. Writing isn't something I love to do. So, delivering this blog is, in fact, part of my transformation playbook. 

I began 2020 determined to make epic changes. To that end I travelled to Hyderabad, India, for a retreat at Jiva Ashram. It was two weeks of yoga, reflection and learning; spiritual learning. We arrived just before Makar Sankranti a festival that celebrates the tilt of the earth toward the sun, bringing longer days and shorter nights. This shift toward the sun is considered a time of positivity. It's believed that prayers for prosperity and acts of generosity offered at this time of year will attract the same abundance in your life. 

Our group used this experience to begin forming positive intentions for ourselves. INTENTIONS. This word was used constantly. I've never really used this word before. I always default to 'goals'. But 'intentions' seems to add a component of spirituality and kindness of action for me that 'goals' have never ignited. 

While contemplating what transformation meant to me and deciding on what intentions I would focus, I formed an idea that ignited a real passion for me.  After developing this project over the past few months, I may not be ready, but it's time to  take a first step toward manifesting it. It's literally bursting out of me!  This project has already transformed my in ways I never expected. Where I have been missing purpose in my life for a long time, I now feel compelled to connect with, inspire, motivate and comfort others. Yay!

In the following blog posts I'll share this project. This physical action of writing also pushes me forward in developing it further. I'm reluctant, but screwing up the courage to take this out in the world because I hope it uplifts and heals others the way it has done for me.

In the meantime, what does the word 'intention' mean to you? How do you think they differ from goals? I really hope you'll share your thoughts. The chance to explore this with you is really exciting. 

Until the next post... Love and Abundance,



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