1SOUL™ Black Onyx Touchstone

1SOUL™ Black Onyx Touchstone

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What it is: a lovingly hand lettered pi stone, which circular shape represents the luminous energy around the body. I believe that the natural vibrations of gemstones combined with power words or intentions help with consciousness, self care, goal setting, meditation and healing. Natural stones are at first cool to touch. As you wear them they warm to your body temperature and gently align your rhythms toward your positive needs and desires.

1SOUL touchstones are lucky charms made from 25mm circular Black Onyx stones. Black onyx protects those who wear it and absorbs negativity so that the wearer maintains the strength and optimism to live their life's purpose and share their gifts with others unconditionally.

Each stone comes on a gift card explaining its significance and signed by the artist who handmade it. 

Please note:

  • Since we work with natural stones your item will be completely one-of-a-kind. Please embrace the little details that may make your item look slightly different from those pictured. 
    • Care: 1SOUL stones can be gently cleaned with water, gentle soap and a soft cloth. 
    • 1SOUL Jewelry is ethically handmade in collaboration with Peace Love Blng, which provides living wage employment and job training for youth experiencing homelessness and women who have been marginalized by trafficking, abuse and addiction.