Artisan Stories

Duan Peipei is from Southern China and has become an integral part of the Bling Team. In her youth, she was a phenomenal student and hard worker and desired to go to College. However, higher education was not an option for Duan Peipei as only men went to college, and Chinese women were expected to get married rather than pursue an education or career. To pursue her independence, Duan Peipei left home at 19 and moved to Beijing. A mentor taught her to make jewelry and she started working with Peace + Love + Bling. Duan Peipei now manages a workshop and mentors other women to help them gain their own independence. She says, "My daughter, Tingting is growing up to see that women in China can take control of their own destiny and can’t be suppressed."

Carter was a participant in the Peace + Love + Bling Workforce Development program. They were so successful as a member of the program, they have been officially hired as a member of the Bling Team. You can find an interview with Carter and learn more about their experience HERE.