Sanur Bali Silver Cuff Bracelet
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Sanur Bali Silver Cuff Bracelet

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On my last trip to Bali I wandered through dark isles of stalls and found this lovely woman who had a collection of rare, traditionally styled, handmade Balinese cuffs. This is my favorite. Zoom in to see the intricate detail. The designs aren’t etched. Each braid and motif are individually handcrafted then applied to the piece. 


Even in Bali it is rare to find examples of such detailed work as styles have become more simplified and the crafts aren’t being handed down to younger generations. 

My design trips aren’t all about new styles. I love exploring markets and visiting with artists in their homes and studios. It’s often the only way to learn about the traditions behind the unique handcrafts of a Country. It also provides me with design inspiration to create pieces that are contemporary but preserve the old ways. 

So, my market excursions allow me to bring back some special things that you won’t find in our permanent collections. However, as I share them with clients I feel like I’m keeping old traditions alive and possibly creating a demand that will allow for this craftsmanship to be carried forward by future artisans.

This cuff bracelet is a one-of-a-kind treasure and on of my favorite finds. It’s solid .925 Bali Silver and adjustable to fit nearly everyone.