FAQ - General

Q: Why should I choose Peace + Love + Bling?
A: Gift wrap, magazines, popcorn, candles… you’ve sold and bought it all. Peace + Love + Bling is offering something different for your FUNdraiser! Ethically handmade jewelry that follows the principles of Fair Trade. What does that mean? Your FUNdraiser not only benefits your group by giving back 40% profit, but also provides jobs for disadvantaged women in the USA and across the world, guaranteeing them clean, safe working conditions, a better than living wage, and means to provide for their families.

Peace + Love + Bling FUNdraisers are easy, you can build your FUNdraiser to suit your Organization best, from online sales to catalog or Pop-Up jewelry boutiques. FUNdraisers do not follow a selling season, so you can hold your event when it is convenient for you for a single day or an entire year!


Q: Do I have to sort orders?
A: NO! Orders are sent directly to the purchaser.


Q: How soon can I start?
A: Soon! We need a couple of days to get some paperwork filed but, with your cooperation, your FUNdraiser can be up and running in less than a week.


Q: When can we run a Peace + Love + Bling FUNdraiser?
A: We don’t follow a seasonal schedule. While the Holidays, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day are excellent times to get sales for your FUNdraiser, it can be held at any time of year!


Q: How long does a sale last?
A: That’s up to you. We recommend at least 2 weeks, but your FUNdraiser can last as long as you like. If you’re an organization looking for a consistent source of funding, we can run a FUNdraiser for an entire fiscal year, if you have a special event coming up, we can Pop-Up for a single day!


Q: Does Peace + Love + Bling limit the number of sales in a given area?
A: Not at this time.


Q: Does my group have to be tax-exempt or non profit in order to participate?
A: No, tax exempt status is not necessary. Tax will be calculated based upon the purchasing location of the item(s).


Q: How does the pricing compare to retail?
A: Pricing for FUNdraising is no different than that for retail, you simply earn 40% profit for your hard work encouraging sales. That being said, Peace + Love + Bling does occasionally run sales online, and the 40% calculation for any merchandise sold at a discount will be made at the sale price.


Q: Can we do both a Fall/Holiday and Spring sale?
A: We don’t follow a seasonal schedule. You can run a FUNdraiser for as short or as long as you like and you can hold as many FUNdraisers as you like, even multiple in a calendar year.


Q: What type of support do I receive?
A: Peace + Love + Bling will provide templates for you to contact potential purchases via phone/email/social media. We are available to answer questions via phone at 614.233.1508 or email info@peacelovebling.com throughout your FUNdraiser.


Q: Can our customers order over the internet?
A: Yes, if you are running an online campaign your customers can shop through www.PeaceLoveBling.com


Q: What other costs are there? Shipping? Sales Tax?
A: Sales tax will be applied as appropriate. For orders under $50, standard shipping is a flat rate of $5. For orders $50+ standard shipping is FREE.


Q: How do I get more order forms or sales packets?
A: Contact your Chairperson or download them from www.PeaceLoveBling.com under the FUNdraising tab. You can also email info@peacelovebling.com for more materials.


 Q: How do I handle late orders?
A: Late orders will be accepted online up to 5 days following the official end date of the sale. Handle late orders as you would any other, be sure to provide the Organization Name and Group Number with all orders.


Q: How do I track my order?
A: Orders are shipped direct to the customer. All customers will be provided with tracking information when their item(s) ships. Contact Peace + Love + Bling by phone 614.233.1508 or email info@peacelovebling.com for concerns regarding orders and tracking.


Q: How do I handle missing or broken items?
A: The purchaser or Chairperson on behalf of the purchaser can fill out a Claims Form on our website HERE within 10 days of receipt of the missing or broken item. If a missing item was not on the original invoice, it will be processed as a new order and shipping charges may apply.


Q: How do I make changes to my sale?
A: Contact Peace + Love + Bling immediately with any changes or updates to your sale including dates, participants, or cancellation.