FAQ - Online

Q: How do we access the Peace + Love + Bling FUNdraising Website?
A: Open browser and connect to www.PeaceLoveBling.com for information regarding your FUNdraiser, click on the FUNdraising tab.


Q: How does a participant register to be a seller?
A: Interested Groups or Individuals can fill out the FUNdraising Interest Form HERE. If you are part of an Organization that is FUNdraising with Peace + Love + Bling, contact your Chairperson to register.


Q: How does a Seller alert Friends and Family that a FUNdraiser is running?
A: Seller completes seller sign up process and will receive customized materials provided to the Chairperson by Peace + Love + Bling to mail, email, and/or post on social media accounts. If you did not receive these materials, please contact your Chairperson.


Q: How do Purchasers shop on behalf of the Organization that is participating in a Peace + Love + Bling FUNdraiser?
A: Purchasers will shop through www.PeaceLoveBling.com just as they would normally. At checkout, the Organization or Individual beneficiary can be chosen from a drop down menu. The sale will be automatically credited to the chosen participant.


Q: How long will Purchasers be able to shop on behalf of the Organization or Seller?
A: Length of the FUNdraiser is decided by the Organization. We recommend at least 2 weeks and up to a full calendar year depending on your goals. Late orders can be credited to the Organization up to 5 days following the official end date of the FUNdraiser. Organizations may extend their campaign upon request.


Q: How long will Organization receive profit for orders placed on their behalf?
A: The Organization or Seller will receive 40% profit for orders placed under their name for the duration of the sale and up to 5 days following the official end date.


Q: What type of payment will be accepted for payment on the Peace + Love + Bling Website?
A: Paypal, Amazon Pay, and all major credit cards are accepted at www.PeaceLoveBling.com


Q: Are gift cards accepted on the Website for payment?
A: Sorry, the website does not support gift cards.


Q: Is there free shipping available for Web Orders?
A: Free Standard Shipping is available for all orders over $50, otherwise a flat shipping fee of $5 will be applied.


Q: Do the orders placed on the Website ship to the Organization?
A: All orders ship direct to the customer, taking the worry out of distribution of orders.


Q: Will tax be charged on Web Orders?
A: Organizations can download a tax exempt form HERE. However, all online orders are subject to sales tax.


Q: If Organization is tax exempt will Web Orders be charged tax?
A: Unfortunately, tax exemption cannot be applied to Web Orders, regardless of the Organizations’s tax exempt status.


Q: How are missing and damaged items reported for Web Orders?
A: File a claims form HERE within 10 days of receipt of the order.


Q: How quickly will Web Orders ship?
A: Web orders are guaranteed to ship within 21 days of order. However, it is generally MUCH quicker than that, within 3 business days. Items are shipped via USPS First Class and generally arrive within 2-7 days depending upon location.


Q: Is Organization permitted to Web Sell only?
A: Absolutely! Online FUNdraising is easy and streamlined for Organization, we are happy to hold a web-only FUNdraiser.


Q: Does a Seller need to register to receive credit for Purchases on their behalf?
A: Yes, interested organizations should fill out the FUNdraising Interest Form HERE. If you are part of an organization running a fundraiser, please contact your Chairperson to register.


Q: Will Purchasers have ability to look up Group Number on the Website?
A: No need! Purchasers will be able to credit a sale to any Individual Seller or Group via a simple drop down menu at checkout.