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Let Ohio Women Vote Amethyst Charm Bracelet

Let Ohio Women Vote Amethyst Charm Bracelet

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Materials: amethyst, lemon jade, silver alloy 

Why it’s special: As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment, it’s a privilege to celebrate our home state’s role in the suffragist movement. 
The purple and yellow stones pay homage to the historic colors of the suffragist movement. 

This gorgeous image is from a postcard that was sent from Columbus, Ohio by Elizabeth J. House to Mrs. C. L. Martzolff in Athens, Ohio, 1915.  Ohio ratified the amendment June 16, 1919. 

  • Bracelet adjusts to fit most
  • handmade charms
  • made in COLUMBUS, OHIO USA
  • Proceeds benefit the League of Women Voters of Ohio. 
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