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Chakra Tree Crystal necklace

Chakra Tree Crystal necklace

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Magnificent hand wired tree with individual colored gemstones wrapped around a natural pointed piece of clear quartz crystal.   Each natural stone vibrates with positive, healing, calming and transformational energy. 

  • 18" black cord necklace with 1.5" extension chain
  • pendant is about 2.5”
  • no two stones are alike but all are magnificent. The necklace you receive will be similar but not exactly like what is pictured. 

Gemstone properties:

Clear Quartz Crystal: Harmonises all the chakras - Absorbs negative energy - Cleans and heals the mind, the body and the spirit - Brings clarity - Helps to set and achieve new goals - Encourages communication - Amplifies thoughts - Stimulates concentration and focus - Unlocks memory - Enhances psychic abilities - Helps with decision making - Provides balance and grounding - Boots the immune system


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