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Peace Love Bling

Goddess Gemstone Earrings

Goddess Gemstone Earrings

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Inspiring and meaningful symbols of feminine strength and sisterhood! These goddess earrings vibrate with the energy of natural gemstones. 

  • Hypoallergenic French Wires
  • Earrings are about 2" long
  • Natural stones means that the actual item you receive may vary slightly from what is pictured but will be equally magnificent. 

Gemstone Meanings: 


Amethyst: Alleviates sadness and grief - Encourages sobriety - Relieves stress and strain - Relieves insomnia - Dissolves negativity - Stimulates memory and creativity - Soothes irritability - Boots immune system - Dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety - Activates spiritual awareness - Helps in remembering and understanding of dreams

Black Onyx: Gives strength - Promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina - Brings courage - Imparts self-confidence - Banishes grief - Enhances self-control - Heals old emotional wounds - Stimulates the power of wise decision-making - Encourages happiness and good fortune - Helps to fight basic fears and to move beyond bad relationships

Rose Quartz: Encourages compassion, peace, tenderness and healing - Restores trust and harmony in relationships - Develops a strong bond between family and friends - Encourages unconditional love, self forgiveness, kindness and acceptance - Releases tension and stress - Dispels anger, fear, resentment and negativity

Fire Agate: Inspires a zest for life. Helps you find pleasure in everyday tasks and ignites the fires of motivation to live more actively and passionately. 


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