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Venus Goddess Gemstone Necklace

Venus Goddess Gemstone Necklace

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Celebrate your inner goddess and sisterhood with this sculptural necklace. Venus is a symbol of feminine strength and vibrates with the energy of gemstones.

  • 24 inch gold tone or stainless steel chain
  • Each necklace is hand wrapped in gold tone or stainless steel wire
  • Pendant hangs 1.5-2 inches

Gemstone meanings: 

Black Agate: Gives strength & protection -  Brings courage - Imparts self-confidence - Banishes grief - Enhances self-control - Encourages happiness and good fortune - Helps to fight basic fears and to move beyond bad relationships

Rose Quartz: Encourages compassion, peace, tenderness and healing - Restores trust and harmony in relationships - Encourages unconditional love, self forgiveness, kindness and acceptance - Releases tension and stress - Dispels anger, fear, resentment and negativity

Opalite: instills serenity, peace and calm. It’s helpful for depression and embracing change and transitions.

Orange Calcite: cleanses and boosts energy. It's divine for supporting new endeavors and blessing them with positivity. Promotes health, happiness, self confidence. 

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